Commercial furniture for public spaces

Client: NEPI

Completion Date: March 2016

  • Food-court counter, flower planters, countertops and washbasins in restroom made out of Corian®.
  • Food-Court counter with a rectangular pipe reinforcement, vertical plane serving counter made out of thermoformed Corian® Deep Anthracite, front cladding made with MDF and HPL,  intermitent columns plated with Corian®, partitions of laminated security glass.
  • Washbasins in restrooms made out of Corian® Sandstone with invisible joints, rounded corners and edges that don't allow for dirtiness to accumulate.
  • “Mother & Child” washbasin made out of CORIAN® Glacier White.
  • To keep the baby healthy and hygienic, it is important how and where you change the diaper or pampers. In public spaces, contractors have begun to give the greatest of importance to this, through a space specially designed for Mother & Child
  • The "Mother & Child" concept is an ergonomic one, with a curved table with rounded edges to prevent child roll, as well as a countertop and washbasin.


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